A Crying Need = A Commercial Opportunity


As I sat chiselling wood in my shed, I reflected that it was a lot like working in the camera shop chiselling customers. Except the end result was a lot more artistic and less likely to whine. It also occurred to me that the major camera manufacturers are missing out on a chance to sell themed cameras to the Steampunk enthusiasts.

They sell Hello Kitty cameras to Japanese schoolgirls and overpriced Leica photojournalist cameras to Chinese plutocrats, so why not something with brass gears and a bellows to the costumed types. they can contain just the basic digital circuitry and sensor as this is all you really need for good images today, a couple of AA batteries, and the rest is just decoration.

Here is the new Moriarty Portrait Camera completed to show just how simple it can be. The next development will be the Brewster Banquet Camera as I have a case of giant Philips PF 100 flash bulbs and the desire to ignite curtains in a public venue. History need not be accurate, but it should be dangerous and fun.


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