Our House – Is A Very Very Very Fine House

_DSC3110AWith four cars in the yard. Life used to be so hard…

Please do not think I am bragging. If we managed our lives better we could get by with two or one, but we all seem to go in different directions at the same time. I try to take the bus and the train whenever I can as it gives me time to read and ensures that I will get away from work smartly at closing time. But our trains are more crowded than the Tokyo ones some days, and it you might not get aboard in time to get to work.

Suburbia has been decried for ages in all sorts of august academic journals…by people who I suspect would live here if they could. I find it suits us admirably. We are close enough to food, drink, and medical attention to ensure our physical well being and far enough away from the criminal classes to provide some security. We are as connected to the rest of the planet’s mind as anyone ever is at our age and can commune with nature at short notice. We are blessed with Asian neighbours which means they are quiet, law-abiding, and pleasant.

Smug? Maybe. Grateful for the chance to live a quiet life here and to get on with my art as best I can. My studio also lives in a suburban house and is big enough to contain the world or six belly dancers at once. Seven bursts the bounds of possibility. Unlimited funds would see a greatly increased spread but no greater productivity and certainly no greater pleasure.

I have thought of propping two of those cars up on concrete blocks on the front lawn and piping banjo music out to the front porch, but I am afraid of attracting people from the deep south of our state. Once they squat, you have to move them with backhoes…

Note: Header image courtesy Alien Skin Snap Art 3. Hides the cracks in the brickwork – am thinking of it for portraits too.


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