A Card For You…

Showcasing new photographic work is apparently easier on the internet for some people than it used to be in the film/chemistry/paper days. I see wedding photographers who wish to have additional sales making galleries on their websites and then going to extraordinary lengths to prevent people from stealing their images. In some cases they also seem to be preventing people from actually seeing them in the first place.

I am not concerned with image theft. As most of my images that you will see from the past are originally recorded on film, I have the negatives. Should a dispute arise I have proof positive of the first recording. There may be more debate about some of the electronic images but I daresay I can still establish ownership of copyright in some way – should I wish to assert it.

In the case of the upcoming Steampunk Charity Ball, I want any images captured to be widely seen and look forward to presenting them to the sitters after I have worked on them. To this end I have prepared a little card detailing contact points. Thank goodness for Photoshop Elements and the Dover books of Victorian patterns. Here is what I shall be handing out on the evening.



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