The Historical Dog And The Re-enacting Cat

DSC_8177I was considering the costume society/re-enacting/role-playing/historical-researching/play -acting enthusiasts that I know and their continuing involvement with an ever-widening circle of interests; Roman cohorts, Dark Ages battles, Viking raiders, medieval kings, queens, and bandits, Elizabethan, Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian military and civilian subjects, WW1 and WW 2 groups with all sorts of excuses for dressing up…

And any number of the people involved in these activities have cats, dogs, budgies, tarantulas, and goldfish. Some even have horses and ponies. And none of the animals has any need for or knowledge of any of the history of man. They exist solely in the envelope of today – the bed, bowl, and ball that rest, feed, or amuse them. They might have their private thoughts about the nature of their putative human masters and mistresses, but none of those thoughts concern the distant past.

What a refreshing thing. I suspect that the animals are like good Buddhists – living only in the sensations of today, and generally living blameless lives because of it. They do not form clubs or cliques or strive to out-dress their friends. Indeed, they are not so concerned with their raiment as to spend months sewing and pressing – a quick lick round the tailpipe and they are good to go.

And no-one sneers at them or tries to make political gain off the fact that they are wearing fur. They need not listen to the harangues from PETA either -they can bit them on the ankle or poop on their shoes if they want to – with the added bonus that the humans might be wearing those open-toed Birkenstocks at the time.

No need for poochie or tabby to monitor Facebook daily or to worry about their social staus. They are independent bodies in the universe and satisfied with their own character. Would that their owners were half as wise…



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