What? This Old Thing? I Just Threw It On…

Ball Photo Card_edited-90

Costumed people are special people. It takes guts and nerve to put on your first outfit…even if it is just a commercial one from the hire shop…and walk out there where other people can see you. It was evident from the garb of the ball-goers at the recent Steampunk Charity Ball that many of them were old hands and had very definite ideas about what they should look like.

I found the dressing simple – I have had Victorian gentleman’s clothing since the Victorian era and just wear it as required. I seem to have accumulated outfits that can go to balls, or horse races, or artillery duels. Frankly, they are just clothes. The only difficult point is a good white shirt and collar. I refuse to wear separate celluloid collars so I have to mutilate a shirt to get a wing on the collar. Small price to pay for elegance.

Elegance? Let us go straight to this batch of ball cards:

Ball Photo Card_edited-54 Ball Photo Card_edited-57 Ball Photo Card_edited-60 Ball Photo Card_edited-62 Ball Photo Card_edited-69 Ball Photo Card_edited-76 Ball Photo Card_edited-82 Ball Photo Card_edited-84 Ball Photo Card_edited-86 Ball Photo Card_edited-88 Ball Photo Card_edited-53


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