Steam Can Do Anything

Ball Photo Card_edited-165

So it would seem. Indeed I suspect that steam power really did catch the imagination of the Victorians in such a way as to suggest that it was the entire answer. If you read the literature of Verne and Wells, of course, there are mysterious rays and electrical emanations and such but in the end it all gets down to gunpowder, cold steel, and steam.

Unfortunately gunpowder is hard to come by in Perth unless you brave the tiresome bureaucratic nonsense of the Firearms branch and steam is discouraged in most drawing rooms for fear of spoiling the furniture. People are reduced to bayonets and small talk – and dressing up in corsets. Corsets and short skirts with startling stockings. As these are generally worn by females, there is little to complain about.

The recent Charity Ball was no exception. Herewith a selection of corsets, stockings, and females; and if you wish to charge me with looking at pretty women, I am prepared to plead guilty.

Ball Photo Card_edited-169 Ball Photo Card_edited-27 Ball Photo Card_edited-32 Ball Photo Card_edited-55 Ball Photo Card_edited-111 Ball Photo Card_edited-113 Ball Photo Card_edited-18 Ball Photo Card_edited-136 Ball Photo Card_edited-151 Ball Photo Card_edited-178


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