Stout Hearted Men

Ball Photo Card_edited-205

The re-enactment scene is replete with stout-hearted men. No matter which regiment, knightly company, or jolly band of roisterers you join, the stout hearted will be stacked about in piles. You could fall over them in the dark, if the noise and smell didn’t warn you off. They are bluff and hearty in about equal proportions, and can be somewhat of a wearing experience to the nervous.

Some costumed societies are unfortunate in that they do not attract anything but stout-hearted men – you long for a bit of feminine company, if only to provide morning tea and some lewd conversation. Fortunately the medievalists and the Steampunk people also attract a large contingent of females of all ages and the need to be bluff and hearty is greatly reduced. More teeth are brushed and attention is paid to bathing. If occasionally you have to listen to sewing talk it is a small price to pay for getting your socks darned. In all male clubs they are never darned – just damned.

Nevertheless, here are a number of SHM from the recent Charity ball. You may decide for yourself if they are explorers or scientists or nobles – it changes weekly. Very few admit to being council librarians or croquet enthusiasts…but I’ll bet a few are.

Ball Photo Card_edited-85

Ball Photo Card_edited-130 Ball Photo Card_edited-131 Ball Photo Card_edited-140 Ball Photo Card_edited-105 Ball Photo Card_edited-78


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