The Better Sort of Female

Ball Photo Card_edited-124

I shall not be such a cad as to presume to divide the fair sex into classes. I treat them all with equal respect from the lowly Queen or Duchesse, to the entertaining professional ‘Gal’, to the exalted and revered ranks of washerwomen. You see I have a keen appreciation of the sort of benefits that are conferred upon society by royalty and clean linen is not one of them. As far as the ‘Gal’ goes, I must confess I still prefer socks over sex. Sex in socks is alright, though, if they are good socks…

Fortunately it would appear that the Steampunk movement attracts what may be termed the ” Better Sort Of Female”. While they may spend long afternoons in the conservatory languishing over a Jane Austen novel, they seem to spend an equal amount of time inventing weaponry and sewing rather daring costumes. They may have weak eyes, however, as they seem to require dark glasses and goggles. Never mind, at least they are corseted well enough to stand nearly anything short of a Whitehead automobile torpedo.

These are largely girls of action, if the short skirts and violent stockings are any indication. I should not wish to encounter one in a dark alley, lest she chase me. If they hunt in packs I would have no chance.  Still, predatory or not, they are ladies – and they keep their hats on inside the ballrooom. Their socks too, I daresay…

Ball Photo Card_edited-39 Ball Photo Card_edited-44 Ball Photo Card_edited-64 Ball Photo Card_edited-71 Ball Photo Card_edited-100 Ball Photo Card_edited-3 Ball Photo Card_edited-15



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