Stopping At The Servo To Get A Paper And A Carton Of Milk


Or getting RBT’d on the way home. Or having a computer fault in the car that requires the RAC to come out and start you.

These are all things that re-enactors have done whilst in full costume. As recently as last Saturday night, the lady on the leading image was RBT’d on the way home from the theatre dressed exactly like this.

Ball Photo Card_edited-165

This man had to call out the RAC while dressed as a gnome. He also ran out of petrol at the airport and had to make a phone call home while dressed as George Washington. He has been accosted by Japanese tourists and North Korean Propaganda officers whilst dressed as a British infantryman of 1860 – all the while carrying a real P1853 Enfield, a full cartridge pouch with real .550 Pritchett rounds, and a triangular bayonet*.  He has stopped having dreams about being naked while all about him are clothed, as he has done far, far worse…

Ball Photo Card_edited-123This lady rides to and from the events on the suburban train.

I have known people to carry swords to and from weekly training in a golf bag, wear full armour at work, and place a cutlass on a shop counter. All without batting an eyelid.

The scary thing about this is it is being done by grownups. Or perhaps I should say grownouts. Grown out of the worry of not fitting into the cool crowd. Grown out of the desire to blend in. Grown out of the need to curry favour with anyone outside of an Indian restaurant…

Please do not ask about the monk’s habit.

* They don’t like it up ’em…




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  1. One does what can to NOT fit in with the common crowd…wearing ones elf ears and carrying a Bat’leth tells the rest of the society that they are missing out, and that if they took their faces out of their mobile phones and pocket computer games they would see a much wider world! The way is open to play the parts one missed out on as a child, to excite the imagination and recreate the fun aspect of life. Humans need this.
    Of course, going out in public in leather pants and a heavily boned leather corset can also wake some up to needs they may have not noticed before….

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