All Praise To Photographic People’s Republic


Is to celebrate for goodness! Here is to give glorious announcement of establishment of Photographic People’s Republic. Down with hegemonism! Advance the banner of masses of data storage. Every citizen will give tearful thanks to Glorious Leader until further notice.

All the above is inspired by a clean out of the store room at our photographic shop. We have discovered the Mother Lode of unsalable camera bags, comprising things that are too small, too big, too twee, too crass, and too weird to ever attract a penny. If you ever had a desire for a Playboy branded pink pouch, totally unsanctioned by Hugh Hefner, we have it – next to the gold leopard skin camera case. Green your colour? Lime green? Come on down!

We have established two dump bins at the front of the shop with a $ 5 dive in sign and piled the things high into it. Everything is $ 5. Big or little, gay or grim. If you can use it, take it for  a fiver.

I discovered the strangest camera carriage I have ever seen. It even beats the Cotten Carrier Mississippi Traffic Cop rig and THAT is saying something. It appears to be inspired by Soviet/Chinese army webbing of the 1950’s. But made in good fabric with plenty of padding and little pockets to keep papers in. The front panels have loops to take separate pouches and there is a tripod/entrenching tool holder at the back. The buckles are plastic, made to look like brass.

At $ 5 how could I resist. It will form the basis of a revolutionary photographic outfit for the next steampunk ball. No longer will the running dog of imperial oppression rule the Photographic Workers Of The World! We may not be united but at the very least we can be untied! The Social Realism of Justice will triumph as the barriers of slavish adherence to individualism fall! Fresh Fish Friday!


How fortunate that I saved those two old khaki shirts and the army boots. And the little cloth worker’s hat from Czechoslovakia. Now to find a Young Pioneer scarf and a red banner! I hope I can find enough pouches to fill the front loops, but if there are no khaki ones the Playboy and lime green will have to do…I have also seen a pretty good looking lunch case with Barney the purple dinosaur on it that is begging for a revolutionary home!

The back section might even provide carriage for a light stand and an umbrella, converting a silly costume idea to a practical one. I must be careful about that – once I become useful I cease to be revolting…

Note: I still refuse to use a Lomo for anything but a doorstop. I have a Fed though…


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