Clean And Sober In The Photographic World


I went without my fix today – the end of the financial year at the shop was so busy that I did not get a chance to post anything to the work blog. This has spared the subscribers and downstream recipients that read Facebook from a day’s humour. Just as well – due to the pressure the humour was mostly bad.

I hope it will ease off tomorrow, but I have a strong suspicion that there will be a flood of clients who habitually run their lives a day late and a dollar short…and would like us to accommodate this in our business. I’ll be willing to bet the telephone will be shrilling at 7:45 when I clock in to start washing the dishes – and that it will be people who want to have a back-dated tax invoice for something they will collect in a week.

I shall be interested to see if this happens as the new computer operating system is pretty strict on the tallying of daily deals and receipts. It will not let business commence if the previous day’s takings are unbalanced. The artful dodgers may be out of luck this year.

I noted with some cynicism that a number of suppliers that have business-related products were advertising today that you could put all sorts of stuff onto your tax bill. Of course you can try, and the office supplies -supplier is not liable for what you tell your accountant or the ATO…but I seriously wonder how much equipment in the  computer/printer/camera line will see the office – ever. The advertisements were pretty blatant. I’m surprised that IKEA and  Dan Murphy’s* didn’t get into it.

I have long ceased to imagine that I will make money from photography, except as an employee of a shop selling equipment. Oh there is a drink in it, and the rates for the studio are paid for, but the bulk of the work done there is play. And I am starting to recognise the value of that – it can sometimes be the only time in a week where I feel that I am living for me, rather than employers or clients.. I wish there were more time to think and do what I can there, rather than yield to the pressure of the work day. Weekends are precious.

* Local liquor superstore. The Isles O’Booze.


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