The Steam Tipple


I purchased a second book on Steampunk this last week and it seems to be quite comprehensive. Clothing to wear, things to make, events to go to, films to watch…a whole ‘nother world to wander through. As a person who has wandered through about four  costumed worlds already, I am quite familiar with the process.

In the other costumed worlds there were sometimes strict rules – uniforms, accoutrements, legal issues with real or imagined weapons, and so on. One lot frowned upon modern fabrics and one lot frowned upon fireman’s boots and one lot frowned upon mixing linen with woolen…oops, wait, that’s religion…best leave that one out of it. Suffice it to say there always seem to have been rules piled upon rules and sometimes very little room to find enjoyment in the interstices.

I think the Steampunk people have conquered this. They seem to be more inclusive and accepting than many other societies. While there will still be some controversies regarding trivia, the norm seems to be nice to one another. I hope that I will find this to be the case…because it will make my job of promoting the work of the BGA* easier.

But back to the main topic; drink. Or dhrink, if you are Irish. I am hoping to discover the essence of the Steampunk bar. What do SP people drink?

Tea, of course, as the recent Charity Ball proved. Earl grey, English Breakfast, etc. Fine as far as it goes, but…it never goes far. Strong coffee for the explorers and lumberjacks, one presumes. Brandy, wine, and champagne for the aristocrats, and beer for the hardy toilers. All this is a given, but surely there will be something else that defines the liquid soul of SP…after all the other costumed worlds have theirs.

For instance – mead for the medievalists. Rye whiskey or moonshine for the ACW types. Ale for the ECW enthusiasts. Rum in tea for the WW1 societies. Rum and Coca-Cola for the WW2 re-enactors. I am hoping that the Steampunk connoisseurs will be able to tell me about their speciality. If they have not settled upon one yet, I am prepared to assist in experiments.

Note: for the People’s Photographic Republic it will be Wodka mixed with Metol. If there is no Metol available we will substitute Cinzano Bianco.

* The first rule of the BGA is we never talk about the BGA…



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  1. Gin and Tonic, my good man! Although I have heard that some, scaremongers prefer vodka in their tonic. I ask you, where is the civilization in that…where has pride in ones drink gone…..

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