other038I am privileged to be party to confidential commercial information – imparted to me this morning by my employers. As it was given to me in confidence I am not going to reveal it to you, but I can say that the details and import of it are heartening.

In our business change is inevitable and welcome…until it becomes a monster that eats us up. When the manufacturers invent new things and bring improvements we can all applaud and hope that the new knowledge will travel far and wde. Of course we hope that this will also drive a flood of customers into our shop to purchase new gear.

Where it becomes dodgy is when the changes are merely cosmetic, or are racked in at too close an interval. The buying and photographing public becomes jaded and leery – or they get frantic and make all of us miserable.

I am happy to say that one of my favourite manufacturers has released plans to keep on keeping on with their current gear for a good time to come – but will add firmware updates to improve matters. We’ll get a little change in a new product but it will be to satisfy the fashionable, and the basic gear will be left alone to continue in service. I can look forward to coveting – and possibly possessing – a new lens or body with the reassurance that it will not be remaindered or relegated to the scrap heap by something  new each successive month.

In short -I’ll get value. Watch this space as the months unfold.

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