Manifesto Of Committee Of Artistic Production

PhotoPR card_edited-1Comrades. Workshop No.3 of All-Soviet Image Founding Cooperative under leadership of Fearless Hero-Artist Dr. Richard Stein has completed disc of pictures from recent Great Steampunk Affair Ball. This are to be supplied to approved applicants upon completion of investigations.

PhotoPR card_edited-8In these disc is images of masses of proletariat. A request has been received that these pictures to be going to Facebook. After consideration of Central Committee it is decided that Yes, it can be. But there are strict rules. No-one is to disrespect other people in pictures – that is job of Central Committee. No one is to make capitalistic profit from images, or if they do it must be divided evenly between Central committee members and Hero-Artist. Hero-Artist is to be consulted for any commercial use of images.

PhotoPR card_edited-24Stern socialist praise must be given to organisers of GSPA Ball for the good behaviour of the workers who attended. The food was hygienic and there were few fights at the bar. Perhaps in future there will be the showing of films and instructional lectures on agriculture, iron founding, and dialectic materialism. A series of magic lantern presentations revolving around Trotsky’s lectures to the All-Soviet Congress of 1928 upon the subject of wireless indoctrination of the masses would not go astray. This must surely have been obvious.

PhotoPR card_edited-20We feel certain that a spirit of self-criticism will animate each member of the GPSA as they consider the way forward. This will be materially assisted by directives from the Central Party between now and the start of the trials. It is hoped that the purges will be short lived.



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