Girls? You Vant Girls?

PhotoPR card_edited-105

Oy, hev ve got girls for you!

PhotoPR card_edited-102

From such girls! You could die from girls like these and you couldn’t be heppier!

PhotoPR card_edited-36

Look at the faces! Look at the figures! Look at the dresses. Okay – stop looking at the figures – you’re making me noivous… These are high-class girls! Such girls you don’t get every day. These are SPECIAL girls. Take my word for it, you don’t buckle yourself into a corset and go to the WA Museum on a Saturday night without you’re a special girl.

PhotoPR card_edited-43

Vould you like to meet the girls? Hev you got your Steampunk Ball ticket? ‘Cause you don’t meet girls like this anywhere but the Steampunk Ball. And you’d better be dressed up yourself – googles, brass kneecaps, and a good excuse.

PhotoPR card_edited-84

Remember dot these are ladies, too. None of your rough stuff. No squeezing things – you squeeze a Steampunk lady and the next thing you’ll be waking up in the ER with your goggles on backwards. Play nice. Be gentleman.

PhotoPR card_edited-50

And who knows. One of them might take a fancy to you. Worse things have happened.



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