The Magic Moment



PhotoPR card_edited-72

Every social event has its magic moments – the bride kisses the groom – the champagne bottle hits the bow of the ship – the HINDENBURG touches the mooring mast. and everything after that is just theatre…

PhotoPR card_edited-113

There were a few at the GSPA Ball. Possibly more than one camera could capture, but at least we were able to see a few of them. The team from the people’s Photographic Republic left early so if there were bar fights or religious conversions after 10:30 they went unnoticed. Never mind – sometimes the best audience is internal – the applause can continue for days and no-one is disturbed by the noise.

PhotoPR card_edited-103



The good thing about public balls is that anything that happens is…public. If you see it, you can notice it, or not, as you please – in contrast to private affairs on private property when someone bursting through the shrubbery shrieking and bleeding seems to demand an inordinate amount of concern and sympathy. PhotoPR card_edited-127




Few restaurants permit one to carry heavy armaments into the dining area and leaving ammunition in the cloak room always invites pilfering.PhotoPR card_edited-91

Of course there are always critics of the social intermingling of different peoples. Prejudices are hard to quell, even if you use a fire hose and a hook. At least at a public affair representatives of different points of view can openly exchange opinions. PhotoPR card_edited-99



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