Report Of Attitude Of Proletariat

PhotoPR card_edited-69


Comrade Director,

I am finish with report of Grand Steampunk Affair Ball. All photographs have been made for investigative department and equipment is cleaned. Some of blood was very hard to remove, particularly after it had dried.

PhotoPR card_edited-95

Attitude of proletariat remains ambivalent – many still cling to antiquated bourgeoise revanchist thinking and others have switched to low-tar filter tips. Enthusiasm for revolution is high provided revolution has decent cheese platter. Current imperialist oppressors of the masses have hands steeped in blood of hero workers as per usual so no changes need be implemented.

PhotoPR card_edited-93

People’s Photographic Republic marches on to glorious future. Already the optical banner is unfurled before the downtrodden and swelling tide of socialist solidarity is sweeping over the land. Also Friday is bin night – please to wrap fish heads in plastic before putting in bin.

PhotoPR card_edited-88Enclosed also bill for attendance to ball and making pleasant with cruel monsters of revisionism. Please to pay before November as need money for holiday in Singapore.

PhotoPR card_edited-66

Operative N0’s. 1 and 2

PhotoPR card_edited-68




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