Jolly Peasant Folk Heroes

PhotoPR card_edited-44

Greetings to all Friends of Correct Proletarian Enjoyments! It is here that we present evidence of the strongest that happiness of joy will to be fund in mass gathering and food.

This pictures of the GSPA Ball capture pure socialist feelings of fraternal achievement and respect for fulfilment of duty to Motherland. All face smiling to be seen. Any face not smiling taken for investigation and punishment – office whip-round in NKVD room is memorable experience.

PhotoPR card_edited-30

We toast implementation of five-year plan for modernization of textile mills! Sew Comrades, sew!

PhotoPR card_edited-33

When we dance the murkachevskii ring dance all village must stand back! Many dust is rising from threshing floor! How is the harvest? We cheer for collective. Later there is tea.

PhotoPR card_edited-36

Marxist Marxist man! I wanna be a Marxist man!

PhotoPR card_edited-37

Colonel Pavelovich and Mrs. Colonel Pavelovich back from relaxing week spent shelling Mariapol. Looking good, Colonel.

PhotoPR card_edited-40

Ing. I.K. Krasov with prototype of IK 35 repeating anti-streetcar gun. No decadent imperialist tram is safe. Consternation in Blackpool and San Francisco reaches new heights.






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