The Next Big Thing!


Great news! The Next Big Thing is bigger than the Last Big Thing! Not only is it bigger, but it’s thingier and nextier, and stuff like that there. And if you don’t buy/sell/use/worship it you will be poor, and sick, and sad, and laughed at, and sinful.

This was the underlying theme at a trade presentation I attended recently to do with the introduction of a newish line of cameras and lenses. I say newish as these have been seen for about three years but have just been ramped up to capture the Photokina show.

They are very nice cameras and lenses and will take splendid photographs. They are convenient enough to be suitable replacements for established brands – as soon as there are enough lenses and accessories available. They are moderately expensive – that means they are expensive, but if you wear old clothes and eat poorly you can afford them. God knows, photographers dress poorly enough as it is…

They are designed in one part of Asia and manufactured in another. There is probably a fair amount of fiddle-faddling going on between the designers and the manufacturers and I am willing to bet a number of theme are going to fall off the back of the rickshaw. But the ones that we might see through legitimate outlets should be fine products.

Do you want one? The salesman who tried to sell them to us salesmen seems to think you will. I am less sanguine. The brand is not new to electronics and is widely seen in every street, but that does not mean they are great camera makers. The lenses bear no long-standing name. They are their own mount, and if they do not get others to make them, they are going to have to make a lot of varied product.

Do I want one? No. I admire them, and if I had no other apparatus I would cheerfully use it…but I do have two other systems on the go. And despite the hype, I don’t really think I am going to be sad or sick or sinful. And I generally welcome people laughing at me…

Heading Image: Yamina. Not big at all, but who cares! Samba!


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