Enter The Next Small Thing


Today a wholesaler’s rep dropped a sample of a new electronic flash into the shop for the staff to look at. It is not new to the world – just new to Western Australia. It is made by a Japanese firm, Nissin. They have made any number of speed lights in the film and digital era.

This one is the i-40, and the example we saw of it was configured for the Nikon flash mount. It is also available for Sony and Canon and later this year we will see Fujifilm and micro 4/3 versions.

I am a speed light user from way back and recently have been revelling in the Nikon SB 700 flashes. With the sale of my Nikon equipment I had to switch to a Fujifilm EF 42 flash but lost a lot of connectivity, robustness, and wireless facility in the changeover. The Nissin i-40 bids fair to restore all these.

It is SMALL – in big letters – and very well made. Four AA cells inbuilt slave and TTL wireless,  easy, easy setting dials, and metal foot. Inbuilt LED video light. Kit contains a stand-up foot and a diffuser. And as we were able to ascertain with a Nikon D610, it works perfectly in wireless TTL first shot out of the box.

This is going to be Christmas – no doubt of that. I just hope they make good with the Fujifilm mount in time.


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