Roll Up, Roll Up. Now Roll Down Again…

X 100

We are just about to have a presentation night for a new camera. New as in it was introduced in September and we now have stocks of it and Singapore has had it for at least  a month and I sold one to a client yesterday anyway…new. I realise it is hard to sustain commercial ecstasy for most products longer than a week but this seems to be stretching even that point just a little.

The device is worthy. I used the ancestor of it last week on my Asian holiday and was delighted with the results – I think the new version is even better – three years or so improves most digital products all out of sight. So I can, and will, tout the new product with a clean conscience – people who buy it will be happy – or as happy as anyone with an eye to the internet reports of the Next Big Thing can ever be.

It is at a reasonable, if not good, price. Singapore has it no cheaper – if you want what it does you are as well off buying it here as there. If you use it regularly for the next 5 years you will have a wonderful bargain.

But there lies the problem – the client with the sparkling eyes and wet underwear who buys this camera now will discard it in two years. When it is replaced by the Next Big Thing touted by the Next Big Agency who quote the Next International Award-Winning Icon ( of whom you have never heard…). Aided by their plants in the forums – the sort of plants that make Audrey II look good.

I shall smile, Boys. And wave. And try to get more of my fair share of the promotional sausage rolls and less of my fair share of conversation with the babbling geeks who come to promotional nights. When the camera has passed the two-year mark I might buy one from the knock-down discount houses and thoroughly enjoy myself.

Cynicism is poor game, but at least it is still game.


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