Now That IS Interesting…


I live five minutes away from a major shopping centre in a wealthy suburb of a wealthy city – in its turn, this area abuts two other high-money subdivisions with a major university and teaching hospital within easy mortar range. There are any number of wealthy Asian people who live there.

I visited the shopping centre today and spent some time looking at the expensive sections – the high-profile department stores and jewellers, etc. I stayed out of the Apple shop because I am always tempted when I go there. I stayed out of the photographic shop because….there isn’t one.

That’s damned curious. You can find Camera House chain shops near other major centres and a reasonable amount of pro gear in them. Sometimes they are well priced, sometimes not…but at least the idea of enthusiast or high-value equipment and lots of processing services are being presented where the shoppers are. I am puzzled as to why the Garden City  Booragoon has no such representation.

Oh, they do have a couple of electrical discount/low end retailers there and you could get a cheap compact camera in a pinch, but the clientele that lives in the area is far richer than that. We know because we get them as customers in our shop further into the main city area. I should not complain – we need the trade and if they are not being catered for in the suburban venue then we are happy to take the money, but I would be interested to hear the explanation for why there is no seller of this sort of equipment in such a prime location.



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