Retro Atelier

_DSC2799Those readers who are new to the Steampunk scene – as I am myself – are probably gathering visual materials to assist them. The web will provide a great deal but not some of the more helpful references. For these you need to find some of the printed books as well as the screens. Fortunately most good re-enactors know how and when to read and stempunks are no exception.

I can particularly recommend the Steampunk Bible by Jeff Vandermeer and the Steampunk Gazette by Major Tinker. Booksellers.

If you would like to see something else entirely, but equally useful and inspiring, I can thoroughly endorse the work done by the Retro Atelier in Kiev a few years ago. It has fragmented somewhat lately and I cannot be sure if there is even an official website for it, but there are any number of examples of the wonderful work of photographic recreation that they have done that are readily seen with a Google search.

They have used studio techniques as well as superb PS skills to reproduce the style of photography all the way forward from the wet-plate era to the late 20th century – and their models are carefully chosen to fit the appearance needed We do not know them – they are Ukrainian and Russian artists that we normally do not encounter. But those of us who study historic photography can attest to the absolute authenticity with which they are treated.

There are nudes and pinup included in the various series. Nothing pornographic. All artistic. In some cases miniature lessons in culture and art in one panel.

Go-on. Stop reading this and go Google them up. You won’t be disappointed.




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