Hand Me That Barge Pole – I’m Going To Touch It…


I am a cynic, but a gullible and sentimental one – I still retain a warm fuzzy feeling* for a famous German camera maker based upon my past ownership of their products.

The bits I owned were 35mm cameras and lenses. They were superb instruments and might  have served me for a lifetime of photography. Of course, like a fool, I sold them in the quest for ever better performance but I should have kept them – photo performance has not improved.

The company now makes new cameras that use the digital system of imaging. They are reminiscent of the old models – and indeed use many of the same lenses. They are expensive, exclusive, stylish, and highly desired commercial objects. They attract the money of wealthy Asian and Europeans based on the cachet attached to their ownership. A marketer’s dream.

And a technician’s nightmare. The reliability of the film old camera systems has just crashed as they have found that the basic sensor of the new digital cameras is prone to corrosion. Complaints have started about visible defects, and the company has embarked upon a program of repair and replacement in an effort to shore up the reputation.

Other manufacturers in Asia have had problems with oil contamination of their sensors and have had to repair, replace, and reissue their particular cameras. In the way of the East, they have edged around admitting it all, but eventually the consumers should be happy with their discrete replacement policy.

Time will tell if our European friends will be able to keep their positive brand image over this one. I hope so, as our local representatives are fine people, and the optics of the devices are superb.

Note: This is not exactly the first time that this company has stepped in it. I once owned a reproduction camera that they introduced as a historic boutique item but found it flawed and unworkable.

* Yeast infection…




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