Does It Come With A Card?

SAm's Disk

Only if you tickle its tits…

Sorry, sorry, sorry. Don’t know what came over me. The Australian Association of Photographic Wage Slaves will be sending me an outraged letter. I’ll add it to the others…

I have been asked the question ” What size memory card comes with it?” for 7 years – at the time of sale for every sort of camera, including a LOMO plastic one that took 120 film*. The answer has always been ” No card is included but we have a wall full of them for sale”.

I am still at a loss to know where the idea comes from that the cameras have complimentary cards. The only time I have ever seen one included IN a camera box is when a local distributor tried to sweeten up the deal for a time-expired camera by including a cheap wifi card in it. This was a mistake on retail, sociological, and technical grounds as the cards were  so dodgy as to be useless. Everyone was eventually angry.

Perhaps it is ‘CHOICE” magazine. They have been responsible for any number of weird questions in the past. I wouldn’t go so far as to accuse them of sitting there in their underwear giggling as they write their advice, but some of it is odd. And the people they advise range from “unsure” to “haven’t got a clue” to “in deep clue-debt and considering mental bankruptcy”.

Perhaps it is lecturers from the local technical or art school. We have had students seriously sent in to ask for 40-year-old lenses that were made for military duty and released in Europe in batches of 10. I suspect that eventually they will be sent to purchase the key to the keelson or the golden rivet….

The corollary idea that occurs to me is: Why doesn’t a prudent and wise oriental organisation build a 128Gb chip into their Mum and Dad camera and be done with it. Trumpet it as the camera that doesn’t need a card. Keep the thing to auto jpeg and two-button operation and let Marge and Homer just shoot until the thing is full. Then download the images onto their PC and start over again. Or just lose it at the beach and buy another one.

Oops. Nearly scored an own-goal there. Marge will have been reading ” Choice” and Homer will have a friend who is a photographer and making it easy and safe will only get us ALL into trouble…


* She took a 32 GB Ultra-Extreme Hyper Doozy card and I took the next day off…



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