Oh Brave Old World


Every week in our business brings us people who in other circumstances we would either embrace or lock up. The enthusiasts. Specifically the retro-enthusiasts.

Please let me state at the outset that I have been there and done this myself. To some extent I am still there and am frequently tempted to be just as foolish. I find that strong drink helps to overcome the urges.

You see, they sometimes remember the Good Old Days and want to return, thinking that it will be easy to do. The sad truth is that it is difficult or impossible to return, and even if you do, the place to which you return is horrifyingly hard to deal with. It may be rewarding to some, but the rewards are likely to be more thorns than roses.

Take for example the chap this week who wanted to get a ” good old Super 8 movie camera ” for his daughter so they could process their own movies…something cheap for Christmas…

1. No more new Super 8 cameras.

2. No more fresh Super 8 film.

3. No more labs processing Super 8 film.

4. No more new Super 8 projectors.

All the above could be surmounted by purchasing a secondhand Super 8 camera and  projector at a garage sale, have the two refurbished by our repair shop, locate expired cartridges of Super * film on the internet, get an ex-Soviet LOMO bakelite cine development tank from Russia, purchase reversal-film development kits of chemicals from America, and convert a room in the house to a darkroom. Plus get a 1950’s book in English on home cine development – I’m sure some madman in the Focal press must have written one. It’s three days until Christmas so get cracking…

Or go buy a Panasonic handy cam and memory card from JB Hifi this afternoon.

Your choice.



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