Quo Vadis And Does it Come With Lens Hood?

mel2014 135

A client asked me today what the next lens that he buys should be. As he had a Pentax K-30 I had to resist the urge to slap the 600mm Nikon on the counter and make a dive for his credit card. The money would have been nice but the howls of outrage …

I asked my standard question – what subjects did he want to take pictures of? Pepl and landscapes, as it turned out. His current kit lens could do both but there was the chance to go to entirely new focal lengths with a zoom wide angle and I advised him to try that – he could see if his vision was as wide as the lens.

Does he actually need it? I suspect not. Will he use it to the full extent of its powers? Again I suspect not. Why is he buying it? A vague feeling that once you get a camera you buy more lenses…

I should not dissuade him. I have been in his position hundreds of times and all it has cost is time, money, and opportunity. And the sales will be good for the commission. Let’s just hope he does not internet himself out of getting value from the camera.



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