” The Lens Has Not Gone Necessarily To The Advantage Of Flapoflex “


Ah, so…

We here at the Flapoflex Corporation wish to make it clear that the recent reports on the internet of our new Flapoflex D600348D camera being the biggest disaster since the HINDENBURG are not necessarily entirely correct*. In a matter of speaking.

The tendency for the D600348D to catch fire and singe the user can be unsettling if one is not prepared for it. To that end we have written a small press release outlining the suggested procedure when this occurs and reassuring the users that once the camera has burned to the ground no further difficulty should be experienced.

We would like to point out that we provide a two year warranty – this should provide plenty of time after your camera detonates for you to regain your sight and eyebrows. The camera remains should be sent in to our accredited repairer who will poke it with a stick to see if anything more is going to happen, after which time it can be replaced.

We at Flapoflex are dedicated to your photographic success  – we always do a bang-up job.

Many of our technicians have been trained at Aberdeen Maryland, Woomera, and Paderborn, and have the scars to prove it. These are high-calibre workers.

* It is only the biggest disaster since the D600347D camera…


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