When Too Many Button Presses Are Not Enough


My new camera has custom profiles – you can set all sorts of criteria in it and then just press for C1 , C2, etc and all is ready to go in a flash. No more strenuous button pressing in the heat of combat. You can use the time you save to study Greek poetry or invent new taco recipes.

Or you can spend the rest of your life in a fruitless chase for the settings as they change in front of you.

One older system I used had 4 custom channels and was good enough to make it easy to set them. You could specify all the things you needed – I chose settings for studio, weddings, dance shows, and sports. Done once, it was done forever.

The new Fuji X-Pro1 is proving too much even for me – and I sell them. Each time you set the C, you find it mutating as you go to the next settings. I am just about to give up and set a basic program and then modify it in the field for each shoot. I think we may be at the mercy of Fujifilm’s internal translations…


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