Processing Engine = Playing Card Clothespegged To The Spokes

Singapore 2014 550

“Tis The Season To Sell Toys….Falalalala lalalala…..Tout The New And Promise Noise….Falalalala lalalala….

Well, we are well into the new camera follies. Two manufacturers have chimed in so far and a third one has waved a promise of a full frame DSLR yet again. The electronic bushes are being beaten to flush out customers and commercial baits are being dangled all over the place. Despite the gloom of the world’s economics, the camera designers are still dancing on the top of the ziggurat.

The basic idea of accurately capturing the image of some real event and then distorting it to buggery has always appealed to a certain portion of the population. Likewise the idea that when one retires from the active pursuit of money or sex it is dignified and appropriate to buy $ 10,000 worth of heavy photo gear. You can please yourself whether you take pictures with it or not,  but the main point is you get it at a discount and then score 10% GST back at the airport. I believe it comes under the teachings of the philosopher Zsa Zsa Gabor ” I spend, therefore I am”.

This is recognised by the major camera companies – who strive mightily to capture this available capital before the owners of it squander it on caskets and inheritance lawyers. They introduce ever more complex cameras with ever higher capabilities for people who never have, cannot now, and never will be able to. The rivalry is intense, as each tries to make their product bigger, longer, thicker and stiffer.

One could laugh at this, except it would be drowned in the sound of the telephone as the rich and desperate ring up to get the very first example of whatever is on offer. These prospective buyers are always leaving in a week to go somewhere that normally you would not even want to bomb from 20,000 feet, and need the new equipment to supplant the new equipment they bought last time but never used. I’m afraid the rich and privileged do not take disappointment or delay well – they know that occasionally they can make the sun stop in the sky while they stroll by and tend to think that their credit card can make new cameras spontaneously leap from the earth. The advertisements for the new cameras are carefully worded by the agencies so as to suggest that this will happen suddenly – in truth there can be months to wait.

At least it keeps them in touch with us down at the shop. They ring and pester and we answer and cringe.



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