Jimmy Olsen Never Had To Park The Car

GreenCarI thought of Superman’s pal, Jimmy Olsen today. He was the junior photographer who always accompanied Clark Kent on a reporting assignment and was generally being tied up, beaten, or threatened with death until Clark stepped into a phone booth and changed clothes.

Leaving aside the foolish notion of trying to find a Telstra phone booth in Perth in 2015, we come to the equally foolish premise that Jimmy could get to where the news was without circling the block 5 times or abandoning the DAILY PLANET staff car crosswise in the street. He might have been able to do it in Metropolis, but he would be stuffed in North Perth.

I tried to find parking to cover an event for this blog – the Pride picnic in Hyde Park today. After the 4th circuit of the park and the 3rd fruitless troll through the back streets looking for an unoccupied parking space, I decided to give it up and drive home. I hope the gay people had a good time and that they will come out again next year – I can only assume that the parking was that dismal because of the great popularity of this picnic. That, or everyone else in the town wanted to fry snags on the electric BBQS.

If the park was closer to real public transport ie. the train, it would be possible to visit on a Multi-rider ticket. Or they could stage the event in Supreme Court Gardens near the Esplanade station. Ah, well…

Let’s hope there is some relief for the March 1st and 2nd Labour Day fair in the park – there is a car show there and I want to see it. Not from the driver’s seat of my car circling the venue…


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