Goodness Has Nothing To Do WIth It…



Don’t we all love a trade war – particularly one between the giants of the photographic industry? One that involves bigger and better specifications with ever-more-sophisticated machinery. And the imminent replacement of something that was replaced a year ago. it’s…it’s…it’s almost as if we are seeing the American automotive industry of the 1950’s all over again. I am personally betting on tail fins for the new mirror-less cameras in the near future. Tail fins and two-tone paint jobs.

Currently the big names are promising Heaven as hard as they can talk – and the doing industry launches that have all the excitement of a WAC Corporal at Vandenburg – a lot of smoke, flames, and roaring, and like as not the thing exploding in mid-air. Lead-up times of months but the advertising trumpets blaring as hard as they can.

We have roadmaps, rumors, and embargoes. Wouldn’t be surprised if we weren’t doused with international iconic award-winning ambassador mentors before the year is out and I, for one, am going to go to the chemist and get a nit comb in preparation. My personal hope is for promotional flashlights or water bottles like last year. Or a new pair of thongs with the advertiser’s name moulded on the bottom. I could use new thongs – or Ugg boots. Perhaps one of each and I’ll hop though the seasons.


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