” Oh, They Were All Right…”


“But a bit ordinary. I mean the photographer just took pictures. It wasn’t like they went anywhere”.

True story. A quote overheard earlier in the week between two people in our camera store. They were discussing the work of a wedding photographer. When they mentioned the name I snuck off and looked up the photographer’s website, expecting to see terrible pictures.

I saw wonderful pictures. Happy brides – smiling grooms. Families all gathered together. rings, kisses, laughter. And the shots had clean colour, straight horizons, and eyes that were in focus.

So – it begs the question of what the two critics thought a wedding shoot should be. Sepia? Grunge grey? Gritty pores? Angry guests? Bridal parties balanced on disused machine tools in a railway workshop? 4 different locations separated by 60 kilometres of desperate driving?

In the absence of taking the bridal party to a mass whale stranding, it would seem to be a safe bet to make do with some 2 -up couple shots and family party shots. While they might not have the delicate artistic tone of the rotting carcasses they will still find a place over the mantle piece in the bride’s new home. Okay, this is shameless cowardice on the part of the hero photographer but it results in less tears and more paid invoices.



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