Facebook Science – Cut The Red Wire – Cut The Blue Wire

Generals002_edited-1 Generals001_edited-1

This weekend has seen a sequence of WordPress/Facebook incidents that have caused me to loosen in frustration the roots of whatever hair I still have available. I am pretty well done with the stuff on my head and will be moving on to the armpits shortly.

FB told me a day ago that someone had tried to log in from far away, and asked me to change my password. I did, and all went smoothly. Then we discovered that the WP posts stopped going automatically to FB – this was of concern because I like to get out to more readers and to assault my friends with unwanted loopy opinions. Every so often I mention one of them with praise or blame, and they tend to read the posts nervously. This is as it should be.

Today’s experiment concerned itself with who censors my posts or comments. I have no idea who might read the things I write further down the food chain once I press the “publish” button but I do take the sensible view that there are government-operated robot programs that comb every communication to see if there are key phrases that they should be worried about. Thus I rarely write about plans for world domination or mass slaughter or alien abductions or any of the other tin-foil-hat stuff. This is prudent. Of course, the fact that I do not have any interest in world domination or mass slaughter and the last of the tin foil was used to wrap a roast lamb last night does figure in this as well.

No, I was curious when I noted that things sometimes disappear from FB. I scanned a couple of rather nice old lithographs I bought at a secondhand bookstore and introduced them in pretty innocuous fashion, and waited to see what would happen. In one instance I got another friend to post a couple of comments re. one of the pictures so that there would be material available and I would see if I could manipulate the conversation.

Inconclusive – part of the conversation disappeared before I could even fiddle with it. The pictures popped on and off over several session, suggesting I don’t now what. Someone approving of one of the generals and not the other…then changing their mind? Or just a loose connection down the phone exchange?

I tried a kitty cat picture – surefire FB material – but laced the written message with another 100-year-old political name to see if the autobots were working on a trembler switch. This is currently being evaluated as several innocent friends have also replied or liked and we’ll see what comes of it.

I will give WordPress credit – they seem to chug along pretty well in spite of this, and their advice section that let me dis, and then re-connect to Facebook was very well written. The advice worked. Now lets see if FB is anything other than a bag of nematodes.


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