The Three P’s

6Zowie Cover 56_edited-1

Possible, plausible, probable.

As they apply to photography:

Possible……Nearly anything these days. The cat-in-the-coal hole shot that was the benchmark of available light work has long been secured with the Nikon D3 and later modes of this camera. Others nearly reach the standard. what you are doing in the coal hole with the cat is none of our business, and why you should wish to record it starts to be a bit creepy…but it can be done.

The impossible landscape shot is now routine with high-megapixel cameras, graduated neutral density filters, and careful HDR. Also with cheap tours to Alaska, South Africa, and Prague – now you can capture the postcard shot of the Charles bridge covered in Kodiak bears and dancing Zulus. You need never look at the pictures ever again but you can at least say you saw them on the back LCD screen of your camera.

Motion can be stopped, impossibly-small worlds opened up, and clichés explored like never before.

Plausible……If you can conceive it, you can create it. Getting anyone else to understand it is another matter. Remember that if all else fails you can get a mime to put on whiteface or Mexican Day Of The Dead makeup and look soulfully out of the frame. If you cannot find a mime, get a dead Mexican. No fair making one from scratch…

Probable……Well we did say cliché…the rusted ’37 Ford truck in the paddock with the ghost gum, cockatoo, old Chinese woman smoking, and pebbly Yorkshire beach with an HDR storm above it might seem trite and overdone, but consider the effect if you combine them all in the one picture. I can tell an AIPP or APPA winner when I see one – you’ll find yourself a world-famous iconic award-winning ambassador mentor before you know it.


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