Depending Upon The Weather…

_DSF0254We see this phrase in all sorts of social event invitations – barbeques, children’s parties, infantry assaults…so much seems to turn upon whether weather weathers the storm. And unfortunately it may also colour colour photography.

And needlessly. At our shop we sell expensive camera systems that promise weather sealing and inexpensive cameras that guarantee it. Plus you can purchase complex nylon and plastic housings for your expensive camera that ensure that any water that gets inside cannot escape. If you are cheap as, you can buy plastic bags for $ 4.50 that cover up the camera and lens  – if you are cheaper than that you can get a green garbage bag from the kitchen drawer and do pretty much the same thing.

What it amounts to is the fact that poor weather needn’t keep you inside with your digital camera. If you venture out you may be greeted with wonderfully atmospheric scenes of teeming rain and puddles. You may also find lots of other people huddled inside bus shelters being as miserable as sin. If your idea of a fun date is a a bag of crisps and a tour of an abattoir, rainy days may be right up your ( flooded ) alley. Cold, wet, gloomy, windy – what more could one desire?

The rest of us will be tucked up in our cozy studios taking pictures of plates of hot doughnuts and half-clad girls. Call round when you cannot feel your fingers – we’ll have a hot drink ready.


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