Our Exclusive Reported : Arms Deals Done Openly


DSCF0001_edited-1Our reporter from People’s Photographic Republic official newspaper, VRANYE, has discover shocking case of selling weapons of mass discomfort at popular den of iniquity. Worse for this is that it is done on day of national.

ANZAC Day 2015 7_edited-1

Merchant of doom in this case name Jason and have got accomplice in crime too. He not have name but is distinctive to see with hair many colour so you can not miss him on street. Merchant of doom dressed in red coat, symbolic of oppression of masses and hegemony of the oligarchy. Wears hat made of pith, which symbolic of pith.

ANZAC Day 2015 5_edited-1See dangerous weapons. This in public place!

ANZAC Day 2015 8_edited-1

Here also is sold symbolic liquor holder of Romanov criminal tsar with two cups and little funnel for to fill. All people will be crushed by alcoholism if this. VRANYE will be demand that total ban alcohol in all of Photographic Republic to be made by law: Vranye Act for protect morals of innocent young girls and health of nation.

ANZAC Day 2015 59_edited-1Here innocent young horned woman lured into interest in false merchandise by evil Merchant. She thinks it is only a purse to carry money and cosmetics…

ANZAC Day 2015 60_edited-1But it is not! It fold out to be gun! Shoot many people at Steampunk party! How can this be?

We demand the reign of error of Merchant of doom be stop! VRANYE will collect money to prevent this from happen – send $ 1 or $ 2 coin to office of newspaper and become supporter of us. Better send money to us than to track and field society because then you will be know as athletic supporters.


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