Memory Of Day To Steampunk

ANZAC Day 2015 27_edited-1Comrades;

We have celebrate Steampunk in solemn manner – with alcoholic beer drinking and loud noise. Had there been large amounts of complex food all would have be perfect – but this can be addressed at next convention. Pastry is never a mistake.

Many images capture of crowds. Those of you observant will see instant resemblance of bar in Astor theatre to Parisian dens of iniquity during Belle Epoch. Opening exists for small bearded painter who wishes to drink himself to death. He will need to be warm individual, capable of great love – because absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

But enough of philosophy. Here are people.

ANZAC Day 2015 9_edited-1

This girl has gun. In hands. Look at hands. Stop looking at legs.

ANZAC Day 2015 10_edited-1A fine looking young couple. No legs. All is safe.

ANZAC Day 2015 11_edited-1This handsome woman is artist. But aristocratic artist. Most suspicious. Legs again. Is it me or is it hot in here?

ANZAC Day 2015 13_edited-1Here is opportunity for clear up many mysteries of Police. Picture taken of innocent citizens who are smiling at happiness for People’s Photographic Republic. One does not smile – this is sign of guilt. List of crimes to which this will apply is being prepared and action will be taken shortly.

ANZAC Day 2015 15_edited-1More innocent citizens peacefully supporting re-unification of People’s Photographic Republic with whoever lives next door. They have signed petition for increase in VRANYE reporter’s salary.

ANZAC Day 2015 17_edited-1Another shock! View of unscrupulous capitalist trader fleecing innocent woman at market. Is there no end to their rapaciousness?

In further bulletin we will show happy faces of prisoners and cultural treats of entertainment to great Steampunk movement. People’s Photographic Republic and VRANYE magazine may be reached by sending electric email to:

When all pictures made into CD, subjects who send postal address will get free disc.







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