VRANYE – The Voice Of The Peoples Photographic Republic

ANZAC Day 2015 62Hot off memory card we bring you news and views of Great Wartime Steampunk Concert at Astor Theatre Lounge. Night was socialist triumph as usual with many of intellectual discussions and artistic merits in bar. Dancing was made, and for much entertainment.

The picture to the top is art. It is progressive interpretation of spirit of Steampunk musical. Many people are listen and smile. Do not be concerned at way picture looks as this is abstract art and not your cataracts.

ANZAC Day 2015 58Here is band of music making happy sound to entertain. There is singing – young lady in middle express serious concerns of economic developments in line with central planning authorities ballad and accompanies herself on the voice. Lights at top of stage keep music people warm for serving.

ANZAC Day 2015 53_edited-1Here are ladies. Art is showing everywhere on them and who can say No? Not this reporter.

ANZAC Day 2015 50_edited-1Now is meeting delegates to Conference of World Piss. Piss conference are held in many places and if you have top hat you can represent interests of downtrodden masses while drink many fine wines.

ANZAC Day 2015 49_edited-1A captain of Peoples Defending Air Army is seen here relaxing before attending to duties as directed by central command. He will be mindful of political advice provided by commisar for correct decisions.

ANZAC Day 2015 54_edited-1My goodness it is indeed hot in here. So kind of this young horned pioneer to assist workers to hold up bar while repairs are made. And there are legs…stripey legs…Oh My Goodness…

ANZAC Day 2015 19_edited-1Here are happy prisoners seen in cell of Reconstruction Facility No.12. Note the smiles that denote their gratitude to People’s Photographic Republic for correction. They are given food*!

Discs of night available free to good homes. Electric email to:  rstein@bigpond.net.au  and please to give postal address.

* Virtual food. Real food too expensive.



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