Ledies Night Out With VRANYE

ANZAC Day 2015 25_edited-1Let it not be said that VRANYE Magazine is not sensitive to the needs of ledies – we are very sensitive. Sensitive is written all over our pages in large wet typing. But we have artistic side too. Here we present our correct socialist tribute to Ledies Of Steampunk. Equality time will be given to men of Steampunk as well, but only when circulation of lady picture fall.

In top picture is ledies with looking to the future. That is clever editorial way to mention goggles that ledies are looking through. If goggles really see to future it is time to take them to the horse racing track and train them on the winning line – and not from behind, as well. If you want to see that side of horse you need to go to Parliament Hill.

ANZAC Day 2015 24_edited-1Here is ladies from top picture but you can see – they have face! To smile it is and from many times so that you are charmed to meet them. Ledy on right of picture wears 5 arm bands in case she discovers many wrist watches. Ledy on left of picture carries large waterproof bag in case they serve soup.

ANZAC Day 2015 23_edited-1Here is ledies drinking. This is early in evening and most beer is in glass. Later there is change. Mind you, at $ 8.00 for a mid-strength stubby…not great deal of change…

ANZAC Day 2015 20_edited-1This ledy is happy and warm. Enimal fur is famous product of People’s Photographic Republic wide open spaces. Enimal currently does not need this fur so Ledy can have it.

ANZAC Day 2015 30_edited-1Ah, a sad case. Here we hev young ledies and young men who hev been working in Krasnya Stolask Perfectly Safe Facility to making special orders for Peaceful Strategic Airship Forces of People’s Photographic Republic. This explains glow of skin. Not recommend that you ride in closed car with them.

ANZAC Day 2015 47_edited-1Ah, Captain. We do not wish to alarm you…but there are some things that you would wish to be advised about before you discover them for yourself…

ANZAC Day 2015 34_edited-1This would appear to be very shapely ledie in a red dress holding umbrella. Image slightly shaken because reporter slightly shaking. Some ledy. Some dress. Some umbrella.

Discs of pictures go free to those who esk nicely and send postal address:




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