Experiemet…No, That’s Expereiment…No, Wait…


Experiment. Or Experimint, if you want a little fresher taste. Poke it and stand back. Suck it and see. Take a punt.

The wisdom of this approach to photography was made clear to me this afternoon in the shop. A couple had come armed with too many hours on the internet and too many friends who had cameras. Not that this was a bad thing – they were in to buy a Leica camera and that always calls the attention of the sales staff – Leicas are exorbitantly priced equipment owned by people who have money and it is in our interests to see that they leave as much of it as is legally possible.

They knew what they wanted – specifically. We had what they wanted – specifically. It should have been a simple matter of shaking them upside down over the open till until something fell out. But as it happened, one chance remark started the experiments.

” Did the camera take fast sequence pictures? ” Well, we have memory cards and batteries and there is a street full of moving cards outside – let’s load up the camera and see. Brrrrrrrrrrt. 15 pictures at 12 frames per second. The nearest rival shot at 5 fps and had to sit there thinking about it as the buffer filled and emptied. Satisfied?

” Did the camera have a big enough zoom? ” There’s the door and down the road is the BankWest tower – take pictures of the radio masts at the top and look at them on the LCD screen. Satisfied?

” Was there another camera like it? ” Yes. The German camera maker shared their production with a Japanese camera maker – to the extent of having the camera made in Japan and shipped to Germany. It picks up a nameplate and a 1.5 X times price tag in the process, but it is the same pancake on a different plate. Satisfied?

So the experiments and the questions paid off. We still got a till full of money but it came from the Japanese product plus enough accessories and memory cards to make the use of the camera successful and convenient. Win all round.




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