The Quick Riposte

DSCF1740I often decry the Facebook social site for shallowness – the number of pictures of dinners or children poking their tongues out at you can be quite wearing. But I must give it credit for allowing a rapid response to controversy.

Today I found myself puzzled over what to do – a post had gone slightly wrong. I felt that I had offended someone unintentionally – I am not good at putting emoticons on to the posts. So I decided to take a picture in my studio, photoshop it, and then post it back. Hopefully it will lessen any possible offence and restore things to an even keel. I look forward to seeing a response.

This sort of thing in the film days would have been impossible. We might as well have been  nailing our opinions on church doors, for all the response we could have got. Even small mimeographed publications were days coming out and controversies went well beyond what a natural conversation would correct. I am eternally grateful for the felicity of modern communication – all will be well yet.

BTW: That’s the front Porsche. The back Porsche is sort of an old grey colour with a swing set and pot plants on it.

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