How To Know When To Turn The Computer Off


1. When the screen saver looks better than the image you have been Photoshopping for an hour.

2. When the little wristwatch symbol stops winding. And the hands fall off.

3. When your on-line bank sends you a foreclosure notice and you don’t even have a mortgage.

4. When a Queenslander rings up, says his name really is Kumar, and tells you that your computer is fine and you need not do anything. Then he gives you HIS credit card details…

5. When Facebook un-friends you.

6. When your email arrives with postage due.

7. When all the trolls agree with you just to get a little peace.

8. When the Space Invaders just get up and move off the top of the screen and leave an apologetic note.

9. When all the YouTube videos of teenagers running headlong into trees start to look pretty good.

10. When you are barred from an on-line casino for touching the hostess.


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