The Official 2015 Photo Stalk


Here’s your chance to become famous. Don’t feel bad if up until now you have been an unknown – we will give you your very own grassy knoll to shoot from.

The Backstabbers Guild of Australia, in conjunction with the Frontier and Colonial Photographic Establishment and the 405th Photo-Reconnaissance Wing, is sponsoring the Official 2015 Photo Stalk. This premier event is destined to become one of the high points of the photographic year.

You’ve all been on Photo Walks – where you follow someone who says they are an expert around the city streets with your $ 7000 worth of camera and lenses and take pictures of drunks and the cornices of buildings. You’ve all been on Photo Tours where you go from one windswept lookout point to another looking for an unobstructed view of the sea…and end up settling for an image of the carpark and a McDonald’s wrapper. Well the Photo Stalk is just like these except instead of you being uncomfortable, someone else is.

Briefly; the group meets early in the morning at a designated coffee shop and each member draws a slip of paper out of a hat. On it is the name of a person who they will be stalking for that day. They are to go out and shadow, snoop, spy, ogle, and entrap that individual and capture the results as an image or short series of images. The evening meeting of the group at a pub will then allow the images to be shared – the best are projected on a wall outside the pub and screen shots are emailed to the subject using a public internet server. One prize is given for the best shot and another for the best reaction to it.

There are a variety of subjects chosen – school teachers and Boy Scout masters are a favourite, though be aware that some of your images of them may be eventually subpoenaed by royal commissions and police task forces…schoolteachers and Boy Scout leaders being what they are…The local leader of the bikie drug gang is apparently quite photogenic and one lucky shooter will get the chance to discover this. Of course everyone wants to draw the slip out of the hat that says “nurse’s quarters” but even if yours only sends you in search of a drunken Irish navvy you can still make a day of it.

This is an event open to all photographers and they needn’t have the most extravagant gear nor most prepossessing appearance. Past winners have used GoPros and old 35mm film cameras. Some of the shots were grainy but neither the CCC nor the Coroner complained about the quality.

So ring in to our website to book your place in the next Stalk. You might win a long-term contract with Magnum, the thanks of the Court, or a considerable amount of hush money.




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