Kindly Reassurance In A Distressing World

DSCF3293A client expressed anxiety one day about which memory card to purchase. That’s not a new thing, but the form that it took was a bit of a surprise.

She was tossing up between two CF cards – both made by highly reputable firms. About the same speeds – moderate download and upload -and the same memory size. They were even fairly similar in price.

But she had found that one had better colour while the other one was better for sharpness. Our assistant serving her was at a loss for words.

Folks, digital information is digital information. A code on the memory chip of 0 and 1. On or off, essentially. The codes that different cameras write may be different, and this is the province of the camera design and the other electrical things in the device – sensor, processor, etc. But once he 0’s and 1’s get into the card, they are just 0’s and 1’s. If the code works, the code works.

Of course there are times when the code doesn’t work. Failures in the circuits inside the card. Corruption of the data. The 0’s and the 1’s not coming out to play. That can be a function of the quality of the card, the cost of the card, the manufacturing of the card, or the blind luck that drives the universe. For all we know it could be karma with a sniper scope and you might be in the crosshairs. Check out your conscience and get back to us.

In short – buy a good card in the size and speed you need and don’t drop it in the mud and you should be fine.

Heading image: A Chelsea Bunz Bear Bunz bear.

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