Did You See What I Just Saw?


No, this has nothing to do with Roswell, New Mexico. We have been assured by the authorities that there is no Roswell, never was, and never will be. And even if it was it was only a small one. Well, not actually small if you mean small in size. But there were no aliens. Not technically. As soon as they landed, which they didn’t, and poured out of the flying saucer, which was just a weather balloon, and started anally probing everybody, which is apparently not illegal…they were declared voting Democrats.

Moving right along…I often wonder if any of the people who see my pictures do see what I saw. And I’m not being figurative about that – I don’t mean emotions or opinions – I mean actual images. Is my perception of colour, sharpness, contrast, and all the other characteristics of vision the same as that of my viewers? I suspect not.

I have the dodgy eyesight of a 67-year-old who wears heavy glasses. I am developing cataracts. This must surely place me at a distance from a 20-year-old who can see perfectly with no glasses. So my construction of an image may render it unintelligible or awry to that young viewer.

A recent blog writer explained how near-sightedness meant a wonderful mistiness to all images. Astigmatism, floaters, and all sorts of other optic problems might mean that some of the stranger mystical images we have seen at exhibitions were not artistic – they were technically prefect renditions of reality…

P9210568I think my bugbear is becoming the undersaturated HDR flatograph as printed in many of the photography magazines. It might be something that the offset printing process does to anything you give it – or it might be fashion – or it might be the photographers are afraid to turn up the colour on the monitor. I have overcome this in my own work. Red is not red enough until you can feel the screen heating up. Green should make you slightly bilous. Blue should look like a Kafka novel on a rainy night. And pink…well don’t get me started about pink bits…


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