The Trade Show

DSC_1446[The blog acknowledges the traditional owners of BMW 4-WD cars. They are aggressive, entitled, pains in the ass on the road, but we acknowledge them. And their elders. This is a state government-advised statement.]

I missed out on a trade show run by my employers – apparently it was well-attended and lots of sales were made. The other sales people will be delighted with their overtime wages and the commissions that they may be paid. By all rights I should be jealous.

I am not – my day was spent preparing and then delivering a dinner for my family – the social group that occupies my off-duty hours, rather than the social group of work colleagues. While I recognise the latter as important for continued earnings, the former has been a rock of comfort in my life. They do not pay me money, they pay me happiness.

I might have been at the trade fair, and might have had a form of good time and done profitable business, if the arrangements for the date had been worked out further in advance – as it was my dinner for my people had been planned for months.

Are you ever in a similar position? Do you have to choose between the employer or the family? Well consider which one feeds you Panadol and soup when you are sick. And listens to your jokes. And lets you have the day off.

Got it? Right.


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