The Camera Club Show – Or Evening In The Suburbs


As a representative of a retail firm, I am sometimes invited – you can actually read that as ordered – to attend camera club and association shows to promote products. This is good as far as it goes if the firm I work for pays overtime for these attendances. At one stage of the game it was a near-run thing but now it is fine…

The best of these show nights do not concern themselves with equipment but ideas – because ideas are what make photography work. Sometimes this can be illustrated with gear that the proprietor wishes me to promote but sometimes it can be done with a bag full of my own cameras and lenses and a thumb drive of images.

This week I took adjustable constant studio lights on stands and a pop-up backdrop to a camera club to explain portraiture. You can only really tell one small part of the tale in an hour – particularly if you need to leave time for the club people to try the ideas out. So I showed one lighting setup and tried to teach the people how to see the effect of light on the face.

The models who posed were patient, the club members were attentive, and the lights actually worked – so the evening was a success. The club even paid some money to me, relieving my employers of some of the burden. If they make up the difference, I shall consider it to have been a fun night out!



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