The Drone Culture


I read a lot of things about drone surveillance and photography, as well as drone targeting and destruction of targets on the ground. Leaving aside the military use, a topic to which I cannot speak out of ignorance, we are left with the civilian devices that carry cameras.

Some of them seem to carry the action cameras – these are the small ones that we sell in the shop – and some are big enough to carry DSLR cameras and substantial lenses. While the small drones are affordable if you are buying them with the firm’s expense account – or Daddy’s money in the case of the richer hipsters – the big ones are seriously expensive. They also need serious piloting at serious professional rates with an overall blanket of seriously expensive public liability insurance.

The laws seem, if not to be ambiguous, to be at least confused. Every customer who comes in with the ambition to be the next drone film maker has a different version of the tale. I suspect if there is to be a final ruling on it, that will come from the civil aviation authorities and they are notoriously resistant to hipster’s demands. As a professional I offer no professional advice whatsoever, other than ” Don’t turn that sucker on in the shop! “. I suspect everyone is breaking some law all the time wherever they are and whatever they are doing, and drone flying is no exception. The trick is to do it… and if it goes seriously wrong, abandon the drone, camera, and possibly the transmitter and run for it. Wipe your fingerprints off the transmitter set. Change your name, get a haircut, and ditch the red sneakers.


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