Inkjet Airways – Your Gateway To The Poorhouse


3Zowie Cover 61_edited-1I make prints on an inkjet printer. It has been 7 days since I made my last print. I am clean.

Well, not exactly clean. No-one who uses printers is ever really clean. The manufacturers of the things make sure of that. The machines have various spare ink tanks and waste receptacles as well as ways to wipe the printing heads over every surface of the paper except the front…On a good day an inkjet printer could dirty up a Peabody coal mine…

But clean as in I have not succumbed to the terrible temptation to print ‘ just one more and then never again ‘. At least for a week. This has been occasioned by other work and trips within the state. This Saturday I will plunge down the dreadful spiral again.

Oh, it won’t be the artistic colour management that will be bad. That has been sorted out by the careful scientific process of letting the computer and the printer talk amongst themselves and accepting what they come up with. It really is actually quite good.

And the paper factor is easily sorted. I use the Whatever Is On The Shelf Manufacturing Company’s products and they work fine. I have mastered the art of loading the slot in the top of the printer. Also the art of catching the print at the output slot before it hits the floor.

The real bite will be with the inks. I had not realised that fluids – bodily or otherwise –  could be quite as precious as these are. The printer I use has 27.5 ml tanks that cost $ 39.50 AUD each. We are assured by the manufacturer that we use 1 ml of ink throughout the 9-tank range when we print an A4. Perhaps they are right – I mean Nixon was right sometimes too…

If they are, it means that I spend $ 1.44 each pop. Add 85¢ for paper and 15¢ for electricity and we get to $ 2.44 per print. Not a crushing impost but 4 prints is a pint of beer at the Brisbane Hotel. Better be 4 things that need to be printed…

Note: I am glad the Brisbane does not charge the same prices for beer as Epson does for ink. If it did I would be paying $ 720 per pint of James Squires Golden Ale. Perhaps a little less in Happy Hour…


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